Agonis members, On July 23rd we communicated with our membership advising you that given the impact of the Covid19 influence we would delay any live activity until October 5th. Over the last several weeks our board and executive committee have been assessing the possibility of restarting meetings on that October date. After a great deal of discussion, we have come to the same collective opinion that there continues to be too much risk associated with resuming our meetings at this time. This pandemic continues to be in a fluid state with no sign of it lessening its influence. As in July, we make this decision with the overall health and safety of our membership our number one priority. As you well know our demographics do not play well with this insidious decease. Another casualty of our Monday meetings is our inability to attract speakers. The unwillingness to be exposed to large gatherings is the driving force behind this issue. The legacy of the Agonis Club has always been about fellowship and the love of sports. As a board, we recognize the inherent danger in the absence of not being together for this prolonged period of time. As a stop gap measure, we are exploring the possibility of providing speakers for your enjoyment by creating a series of Zoom calls. We are encouraged by the willingness of potential presenters to participate in this type of dialogue by eliminating their risk of presenting live. It’s our plan to make these available to you over the next several weeks.

A Club for Former Athletes and Sports Enthusiasts

The Dayton Agonis Club in Dayton, OH was established in 1932 to bring together former athletes and known sports figures.

Name Origin

If you’ve wondered where our club’s name came from, let us enlighten you. Agon is the Greek word for contest. Agonis is the association of people for a contest. So we created the Dayton Agonis Club for broken down athletes of Dayton who have played in some of those contests.

Our Activities

We hold luncheons every Monday where local and nationally recognized personalities from various sports, talk about their experiences, teams and jobs. We have 2 annual Special Guest Night Meetings and an annual Awards Night Banquet honoring local and regional athletes from multiple disciplines, established in 1954. All meetings held at The Presidential Banquet Center in Kettering, OH.