Agonis members, On October 19th our president Pete Lunogo communicated with some of the membership advising us that given the impact of the Covid19 influence we would delay any in person activity for the rest of the year. To that end, and as a way of bringing us back together virtually, we will begin to offer Zoom presentations. Please check the Meeting and Schedule tab for more information. We will continue those Monday Zoom noon presentations hopefully bi-weekly until we are able to once again re-unite. If you are not familiar with Zoom and how to use it you can visit You Tube for instructive videos on how to use it on your laptop, smart phone or iPad. Our secretary has added a link to a tutorial in the most recent newsletter. Please make sure that your microphone is muted when joining the meeting that will keep the confusion at a minimum in the beginning.

A Club for Former Athletes and Sports Enthusiasts

The Dayton Agonis Club in Dayton, OH was established in 1932 to bring together former athletes and known sports figures.

Name Origin

If you’ve wondered where our club’s name came from, let us enlighten you. Agon is the Greek word for contest. Agonis is the association of people for a contest. So we created the Dayton Agonis Club for broken down athletes of Dayton who have played in some of those contests.

Our Activities

We hold luncheons every Monday where local and nationally recognized personalities from various sports, talk about their experiences, teams and jobs. We have 2 annual Special Guest Night Meetings and an annual Awards Night Banquet honoring local and regional athletes from multiple disciplines, established in 1954. All meetings held at The Presidential Banquet Center in Kettering, OH.